Soft Strips of moleskin applied to hypoallergenic sticky tape. 

Great for reducing clothing rustle and camouflaging microphones. 

Available as a Pack of 30 Small Strips (8×2.5cm) in Black, White, Brown & Beige or as a Multi-Pack of 12 Small Strips which includes four strips of these colours 

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More About URSA Tape

Packs of 30 Small Strips of URSA Tape Soft Strips – Beige, White, Black and Brown, Chroma Green & Chroma Blue. (8cm x 2.5cm strips) 

URSA Tape rolls are available in Beige, White, Black and Brown, Chroma Green & Chroma Blue. (100cm x 15cm) 

URSA Tape Soft Strips are also available in a pack of 8 x Big Strips in Beige, White, Black and Brown. (16cm x 7cm). 

Multi packs of 12. Pack contains 4 x Beige, 4 x Black & 4 x White Small Strips (measuring 8cm x 2.5cm)

You can use URSA Tape Soft Strips in a tie rig to stick down the cable and provide padding for the microphone capsule. 

URSA Tape can be applied to a mic to stick directly to skin. 

URSA Tape is also handy for covering over things that might rub and irritate artists.

Hide your mics in shot by camouflaging your DPA Concealers with URSA Tape. Simply cut a wide oval from a strip of URSA Tape and cover it over your concealer. Our Black URSA Tape is a jet black and hides perfectly in the shadows. It also has a woven fabric effect which helps it blend in with knitted fabrics. 

You cannot tear URSA Tape so scissors must be used to cut it to shape. We have printed dashed lines on our backing paper to illustrate 1cm squares, we hope these can help you cut in straight lines!

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