URSA MiniMounts

Our new URSA MiniMounts are a slim, low-profile mount designed to be rigged where larger mounts cannot go.

They are made from a hardened plastic which does not deform or snap under pressure. Each mount is hand finished to get the smoothest surface to allow fabric to glide across silently.

MiniMounts are available in four colours & in six models designed specifically for the Sanken COS11, DPA 4060, 4071, 6060, Sennheiser MKE1 & MKE2, Deity W.Lav Pro and Sony D11.

For applications where you need additional surface area for extra grip take a look at our Circular MiniMounts.

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More About URSA MiniMounts

  • Easy to rig beside buttons on shirts where larger mounts will not fit!
  • Their thin shape makes them perfect mounts for rigging on the skin in the cleavage or onto the bra.
  • Quick & Easy to wind protect using URSA Sticky Circles and Fur Circles.
  • MiniMounts are moulded from hardened plastic. They won’t snap under pressure or deform under heat.
  • Each MiniMount is hand finished to get the smoothest possible surface. This helps fabrics glide over the mount without creating friction and noise.
  • Each pack comes with 5 free MiniMount Stickies. These stickies measure 11x 22mm and are designed specifically for MiniMount.
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Flat underside ensure maximum adhesion to all fabrics.

Durable and highly polished plastic that wont break allows clothing to move freely over, eliminating noise.

Extremely low profile mic mount still protects the mic head from clothes friction without creating unwanted bulges in costumes.

Combine with URSA MiniMount Stickies for the perfect attaching sticky tape, cut exactly to size.

  • Our MiniMount Stickies are hypoallergenic and safe to use against skin. They also do not leave residue if used on costumes and delicate fabrics.
  • MiniMounts measure 11m wide x 22mm long x 6mm tall. Our 6060 & MKE1 measure 9.5m wide, 20mm long x 5mm tall.
  • The DPA 4060 model also fits a CountryMan B3 with a Cap.
  • The MKE1 model also fits a Countryman B6 and DeityW.Lav Micro.
  • The MKE1 & MKE2 models are designed to be used WITHOUT caps on the mics. This allows the mount to be as small as possible.

    URSA Product Videos

    URSA MiniMount Demo

    URSA MiniMounts test by soundrolling.com

    URSA MiniMounts test by RLFO Sound

    Product Specifications

    Made for Mic
    MM 4060
    DPA 406x
    22 x 11 x 6mm
    Works with Countryman B3
    MM 4071
    DPA 4071
    22 x 11 x 6mm
    MM 6060
    DPA 606x
    20 x 9.5 x 5mm
    MM COS 11 / W.Lav Pro
    Sanken COS11 & Deity W.Lav Pro
    22 x 11 x 6mm
    MM MKE1
    Sennheiser MKE1
    20 x 9.5 x 5mm
    Use without a cap.
    Works with: Countryman B6, Deity W.Lav Micro
    MM MKE2
    Sennheiser MKE2
    22 x 11 x 6mm
    Use without a cap.
    MM D11
    Sony D11
    22 x 11 x 6mm
    Also works with Deity W.Lav Pro.

    Product Review

    It’s all about MiniMounts, absolutely amazing! Lowest profile mount that works great; especially with the low profile Plush Circles.

    George Thompson 
    George Thompson

    Loving all my URSA products. The URSA MiniMounts are great between layers of fabric.

    Jonny Livesey 
    Jonny Livesey

    I’ve used URSA MiniMounts exclusively for the last week on everything from starched white shirts, to dancers practice gear and leotards, through to cotton overalls on the engine room crew, they’ve been brilliant to use, usually not needing any tweaking.

    Jon Gilbert Sound Recordist
    Jon Gilbert

    The new MiniMounts have made my mic’ing up of people significantly quicker. Keep up the great work!

    David Eden Sound Recordist
    David Eden

    On my latest film we had a lot of very very tight costumes and the new URSA MiniMounts have really helped reduce bulges and leave the mics where i want them rather than having to move them to an inferior position to reduce the bulge of the disk.

    Simon Hayes Production Sound Mixer
    Simon Hayes

    Been moving over to the 6061s, and had a job recently that was 100% dependent on wires. The circular mini mounts and 6061s worked together like a dream. Pretty much has become my go to rig. Great work!

    Jamie Gambell Production Sound Mixer
    Jamie Gambell

    I’m astonished by URSA MiniMounts! Not a hint of clothes rustle on a female presenter and hardly a whisper of chest hair noise from a male artist.

    David Keene Sound Mixer
    David Keene

    Stuck a MiniMount in the middle of the chest and it stayed there all day with changes of shirts, jumpers, tops, blazers. Not an issue, not a rustle. Thanks URSA!

    Andrea Cremonini Boom Operator
    Andrea Cremonini

    On the current job we have a lot of ties, when all the usual tie rig options had been exhausted I remembered I had these new things and rigged a MiniMount into the tie, it sounded so much better than all other options that had been tried. The MiniMount is ultra low profile and the costume department were loving them, so win, win!

    Jordan Milliken Boom Operator
    Jordan Milliken