URSA Live Pouches

URSA Live Pouches have a wider opening that can accommodate most sizes of transmitter and receiver and feature an integrated Quick Release Tab secured with hook and loop tape. 

This allows for quick gear and frequency changes whilst ensuring your device stays secure.

URSA Live Pouches come with a Quick Release Loop that will secure your pouch to a belt or a guitar strap firmly whilst still removing the pouch if required.

Available in three sizes – Medium, Large, and Double. 

Medium Live Pouch is designed for the Sennheiser G4, Line 6 Relay G30/G50, Shure GLX, DLX, ULX & More.

Large Live Pouch is designed for the Shure BLX, P3RA, Gear4Music Receivers, LD Systems U508 & More.

Double Live Pouch can accommodate two large transmitters and receivers from Sennheiser, Shure, Gear4Music, LD Systems, & More.

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More About URSA Live Pouches

New Fabric Technology
In order to make the most comfortable low-profile Pouches we developed a brand new bonded fabric.

URSA Pouches are just 1mm thick. They provide excellent stretch, comfort & breathability with an outer surface that hook gripper can grip to at any point.

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Quick Release Loop that will firmly secure your pouch to a belt or a guitar strap while allowing for quick removal of the pouch if required.

Super strong loop tape.

Easy access tab for quick removal of your tx or reciever.

Wider opening to accommodate any size of transmitter or receiver.

URSA Product Videos

URSA Live Pouch – For Live Music, Theatre & Film

Product Specifications

Pouch Size
Transmitter/Receiver Compatibility
Sennheiser G4
Line 6 Relay G30/G50
Shure GLX, BLX, ULX & More
Shure BLX, P3RA
SubZero & Gear4Music BodyPacks
LD Systems U508 & More
Line 6
SubZero & More
85 x 85 mm
85 x 145 mm
175 x 145 mm

Quick Tips for Covid19 Strap Care

  • Connect gripper on straps when washing.
  • 40-60ºc short wash – hang to air dry or low heat tumble dry.
  • Keep straps and accessories sterile with URSA Zipper Cases
URSA Straps use certified OEKO-TEX hypoallergenic fabric and gripper.

Recently, instead of using waist straps, I’ve started to rig transmitters by safety pinning them on the inside of waist straps, or sometimes on petticoats for women (I seem to do a lot of period stuff!) URSA Belt Pouches are brilliant for this, there really isn’t anything else out there for the job. When I’ve been asking actors what they prefer, a lot like this method because it’s the least intrusive, and for me it’s even easier to get to the transmitter for a battery change than a waist belt.

Jo Andrews 1st Assistant Sound
Jo Andrews

An URSA Belt Pouch and Zaxcom ZMT Transmitter in a marine helmet works like a charm. Thanks again URSA for these amazing products!

Jorge Adrados Boom Operator
Jorge Adrados