URSA Large Soft Circles


Large Soft Circles are low profile wind protection for boom mics. 

Great to use for rigging mics in cars where foam gags can dip into shot. 

Made from the same fabric as URSA Soft Circles. 

10.5cm Diameter Large Soft Circles can be wrapped around Boom pics and Sanken CUB01s. 

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More About URSA Large Soft Circles

Wrap the Soft Circle over the capsule of your microphone & keep it in place using a rubberband provided. 

Create a small air gap between the Soft Circle and the mic for best results.

Very useful in car rigs when you need low profile wind protection!

Pack Contains : 5 Large Soft Circles (105mm diameter) & 10 Small Rubber Bands. 

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URSA Large Soft Circle Demo

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Large (5 pack)