URSA Maskies

Strain Relief for your Ears.

Our Soft, Light, Stretchy fabric sits comfortably around the back of the head and holds the ear loops together without placing any strain on the back of your ears.

By creating space around the ears Maskies reduce ear strain when wearing masks all day at work or when wearing masks with headphones & radio earpieces.

Maskies are adjustable and can help to tighten up loose fitting masks so they stay more securely in place. Utilising a strong low profile gripper which is delicate to the touch.

Maskies also allow you to hang your mask loosely around your neck without it touching your skin. This means you can take a quick drink before bringing the mask safely back up into position touching only the neck loops.

The Maskie can keep your face mask secure in multiple ways – worn over your ears, under your ears over even stretched over the top of your head.

Available in Black.

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Maskies - safely rest your mask


  • Soft, Stretchy, Breathable fabric. 
  • Takes up the slack of a loose fitting mask.
  • Allows the face mask to hang loosely around the neck.
  • Ultra light weight at only 2.9 grams.
  • Can be worn in multiple ways (over the head, under/over hair or under the ears).
  • Adjustable using delicate Low-Profile Gripper.
  • Avoids ear loops from catching on earrings.
  • Can be worn with Headphones & Earpieces.
  • Works with all masks using ear loops.
  • Machine Washable at 30-40 degrees. Re-useable.
  • Made in the United Kingdom.
  • Dimensions: 260mm x 1mm x 30mm
URSA Straps use certified OEKO-TEX hypoallergenic fabric and gripper.
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Mask can rest around the neck momentarily whilst you safely take a breather.

Mask can rest around the neck momentarily whilst you safely take a breather.

Tightens loose fitting masks.

Maskies work with headphones and earpieces.

Comfortable fit all day.

The Maskie saved my ears today as had to wear a mask for 7 hours continuously and have not had sore ears which would normally be the case without the wonderful Maskie. It’s the saviour for ones ears. Makes wearing a mask very comfortable without comprise.

Linda Smith NHS Maskie User
Linda Smith

You can barely even feel that it’s there!

Hannah Maskie User

After two weeks of COVID lifestyle onset and I thought – I need to call Simon Bysshe. URSA’s fabric is perfectly wearable for hours on talents, why not on crew’s necks. It’s simply perfect, both over and below the ears.

Luigi Pini Maskie User
Luigi Pini

It’s brilliant! It’s such a simple concept but it really does the trick. Can’t wait to test it on set soon, we’ve been shooting lately and definitely felt sore behind the ears. This will definitely help.

Alessio Festuccia Maskie User
Alessio Festuccia

I tried the Maskie as all the face masks I was using pulled on my ears and made them uncomfortable to wear. Using the Maskie means that my face masks all fit, I can keep it around my neck which is convenient when shopping and its easier to put my mask on as I wear glasses and I don’t have to get tangled up with them around my ears. A simple solution for making it easier to use a face mask!

Ross Smith Maskie User
Ross Smith

Got to try the maskie out this week for the first time we had an interview scene for a cop show, 30 page scene 40 min takes filmed over two days. Hands down the most comfortable mask accessory I’ve used. Really helped to keep the pressure off the top off my ears but still pulled the mask around my face making it feel more secure and give me the best protection it can offer.

Rob Johnston 1st Assistant Sound
Rob Johnston

Quick Tips for Covid19 Strap Care

  • Connect gripper on straps when washing.
  • 40-60ºc short wash – hang to air dry or low heat tumble dry.
  • Keep straps and accessories sterile with URSA Zipper Cases