URSA Plush Circles

Plush Circles are a brand new 5mm length short fur LAV covers. 

Designed to use under costumes to help disguise mics, reduce clothing noise and protect the mic from light wind. 

25mm diameter, super soft, re-useable lav mic covers. 

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More About URSA Plush Circles

  • Multipacks contain 3x White, 3x Black, 3x Beige & 30 Stickies.
  • Single Colour 9 Packs contain 9 of one colour & 30 Stickies.
  • Single Colour 100 Packs contain 100 of one colour only.
  • Available in 4 colours : Black, White, Beige & Brown.
  • 25mm diameter, re-useable & super soft 
  • Low profile lav cover creates less of a lump under costumes.
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Work perfectly in conjunction with URSA MiniMounts.

Works well with the same size URSA Stickies.

Creates a soft layer, protecting the mic from rustle and light wind.

URSA Product Video

URSA Circles Demo