URSA Belts and Pouches allow versatility in how and where you mount units to the body. Each can be used with or without the other in many different ways.

  • URSA Belts

    £11.50 exc. VAT

    Introducing the new URSA Belt! 🙂

    These versatile belts are 5cm wide by 115cm long and can be cut down with scissors to suit small waists.

    They have been designed for use with our range of URSA Belt Pouches which come in four sizes (mini, small, medium & large) to suit all TX units.

    • URSA Belts come in 2 Colours : Beige or Black.
    • Machine Washable at 40 degrees, tumble dry at a low heat.
    • They can also be used with AquaPacs or as a strap to clip transmitters onto.

    We developed a special ‘double bonded’ fabric specifically for these belts which is gives them more strength, return and adds a little thickness. This helps keep the belts from stringing up under the weight of transmitters.

    They could be particularly useful for theatre and live performance where artists often have to rig two transmitters onto one belt.

  • URSA Belt Pouches with Clips

    £14.00 exc. VAT

    URSA Belt Pouches now come with a free removable Clip. These allow you to clip the pouch to any garment and hang it vertically or horizontally. Watch the Demo video here.

    URSA Pouches are low-profile soft pouches which allow you to rig a transmitter vertically or horizontally to URSA Belts, standard belts or bras. They can also be sewn or pinned into costumes.

    They can also be rigged on the inside of helmets, used as IEM pouches or just as soft protection if placing transmitters in the pocket.

    Available in Four Sizes & Two Colours Black & Beige.

  • URSA Live Pouches

    From £14.00 exc. VAT

    URSA Live Pouches have a wider opening that can accommodate most sizes of transmitter and receiver and feature an integrated Quick Release Tab secured with hook and loop tape. 

    This allows for quick gear and frequency changes whilst ensuring your device stays secure.

    URSA Live Pouches come with a Quick Release Loop that will secure your pouch to a belt or a guitar strap firmly whilst still removing the pouch if required.

    Available in three sizes – Medium, Large, and Double. 

    Medium Live Pouch is designed for the Sennheiser G4, Line 6 Relay G30/G50, Shure GLX, DLX, ULX & More.

    Large Live Pouch is designed for the Shure BLX, P3RA, Gear4Music Receivers, LD Systems U508 & More.

    Double Live Pouch can accommodate two large transmitters and receivers from Sennheiser, Shure, Gear4Music, LD Systems, & More.