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URSA Keep Warm Straps

The original ultra-slim, breathable strap.

URSA Keep Warm Straps are:

  • Available in three Sizes : Small, Medium, Large.
  • Ultra-Slim & Breathable. Three stretchy pouches to accommodate a variety of hand and body warming sachets.
  • Perfect for keeping you warm on long hikes or as a medical aid to relieve back, stomach or period pain.
  • Discrete enough to fit under your trousers. The strap can be worn across your back or stomach
  • Fully Adjustable. The Hypoallergenic fabric is Machine Washable at 40-60 degrees

URSA Straps are 1mm thick, comfortable, low-profile straps.
Using New Fabric Technology to create a unique bonded fabric which hook gripper can grip to at any point.

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More About URSA Keep Warm Straps

  • Two Large Pouches measure 10cm tall x 13.5cm wide
  • Single Small Pouch measures 10cm tall x 6.5cm wide
  • Colour Coded labels allow quick identification of strap size.
  • URSA Straps are Machine Washable at 40-60 degrees
  • Hang dry or Tumble dry at a low temperature.
  • All our straps are manufactured by hand in the United Kingdom.

How To Use The Keep Warm Strap

URSA Keep Warm Strap

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Product Specifications

Small Waist
Medium Waist
Large Waist
81 cm
100 cm
120 cm
Size Range
24″ - 32″
29″ - 42″
37″ - 50″