URSA Foamies


Introducing URSA Foamies! Soft foam mounts for your COS11s, DPAs, Sennheisers & B3s.

Designed with flat sides so they can be stuck directly to skin or costume. The foam provides a soft, quiet buffer to reduce clothing noise. Made from the highest quality sponge.

Available in Packs of 12 in Black or White.

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More About URSA Foamies

  • URSA Foamies are compatible with microphones which measure 3-5mm diameter. These mics include: COS11s, DPA 4060, 4071, MKE2 & The Countryman B3.
  • Can be rigged on to aerial tips to help reduce RF loss.
  • URSA Foamies measure 24mm length, 17mm width and 9mm tall with a 2.5mm diameter hole that stretches up to 6mm. (URSA Mini Foamies measure 22mm length, 14mm width and 7mm tall with a 1.5mm diameter hole that stretches up to 4mm).
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Creates space around the mic head to eliminate friction from clothing.

Ultra soft spongy foam dampens any inherent clothes noise.

Flat side allows easy sticking to chest or clothing using URSA Stickies.

URSA Product Videos

URSA Foamies Demo

URSA Tape test by RLFO Sound

Product Specifications

Regular Foamies
24 x 17 x 9 mm (LxWxH)
2.5 mm Diameter hole
Stretches to up to 6 mm
22 x 14 x 7 mm (LxWxH)
1.5 mm Diameter hole
Stretches to up to 4 mm
Compatible Mics
Sanken COS11
DPA 4060/4071
Countryman B3
Sennheiser MKE2 & ME2
RØDE Lavalier
Sanken COS11
DPA 6060/6061
Countryman B6,
Sennheiser MKE1

URSA Foamies are helping a lot in creating separation between a heavy police vest and the costume cast are wearing underneath.

Santi Paul Sound Mixer
Santi Paul

URSA Foamies are excellent. I love the way the capsule is almost exposed. Great for polo shirt buttons and great sound for indoors.

Andy Low Sound Mixer
Andy Low

Foamies are excellent!

Marcos Cardos Sound Recordist
Marcos Cardos

URSA Foamies have been my go to for hiding mics on PSC jobs where I’m constantly re-micing people up quickly with different clothing. I also have lots of packs of URSA Tape & Soft Circles in my consumables list for a series of commercials I’ve been doing. I love it!

Adam Fletcher Sound Recordist
Adam Fletcher

Needed a quick plant for picking up the male actors lying on the edge of the bed while the boom was busy on the upper frameline. Thanks to URSA Tape and Foamies it was done in a minute.

Nick Friedrick Sound Recordist, Berlin
Nick Friedrick