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URSA Chest Straps


URSA Chest Straps allow you to rig microphones onto sweaty or hairy chests which would otherwise not take sticky tape.
Reduces noise from hairy chests and allows you to rig on hot, sweaty bodies.

  • Unique Gripper strips keeps the strap from slipping.
  • Mic Pouch comes with 3 sections to fit all microphone sizes & mounts.
  • Ultra-Thin fabric becomes invisible even under tight T-Shirts.
  • Unique “Cable Keeper” stops the mic from pulling out of the pouch.
  • One Size fits all strap.
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More About URSA Chest Straps

The Mic pouch on our Chest Straps have 3 compartments, the central pouch fits an URSA Foamie, MiniMount, RM11, DPA Concealer. The thinnest pouch fits a COS11 and the third pouch fits a larger DPA size microphone without a mount.

Our unique polyurethane gripper is bonded to either side of the pouch to keep the strap from slipping down the chest.

We utilise a Cable Keeper which keeps your cable firmly in place without needing to tape it to the strap.

Available in Beige, Espresso, Black and now White.

The Chest Strap comes in one size measuring 110cm long which can be rigged on Chests up to 45 inches across.

URSA Straps use certified OEKO-TEX hypoallergenic fabric and gripper.
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Low profile URSA material keeps straps discreet and comfortable.

Ultra low-profile gripper eliminates any costume issues.

Built in cable keepers help neatly feed cable around and keeps it secure and safe from being tugged on.

Slim mic pouch suitable for COS11, DPA 6060, Countryman B3.

Large mic Pouch suitable mounts like DPA Concealers, Sanken RM11, URSA Foamies and many more.

URSA Silicone gripper ensures straps stay up where they should be!

URSA Product Videos

URSA Chest Strap Demo

URSA Chest Strap Test by

I’ve long been a fan of Chest Straps for those times when there’s nothing else to stick a lav to. Thin, smooth, gripper-backed to prevent it slipping round or down, loops to route the cable, and different sizes of pockets for different sizes of lav. Wish I’d discovered them sooner.

Doug Templeton Sound Recordist
Doug Templeton

We put 6 Chest Straps on talent running a tough mudder. All came back with the straps still attached! So pretty impressed with what these straps can go through.

George Precious Sound Mixer
George Precious

For me the best URSA Strap is the Chest Strap! Forget about the tape and the mic noise!

Tomas Kruse Sound Mixer
Tomas Kruse

I’m a huge fan of URSA Straps products, and this exceptionally hot summer has made me an even bigger fan. The Chest Strap has been particularly useful. Talent and contributors love Ursa, and I’ve gotten compliments for making being wired a comfortable experience.

Ilari Sivil Sound Recordist
Ilari Sivil

We used Chest Straps for 5 days on a film which consisted entirely of 3 men running down a train tunnel. The straps held superbly well, and never slipped. The sweat and high movement would have ruined any chances of using tape. The low profile of the strap meant that you could never see them through t-shirts. The cable keepers are amazing and kept the cable neatly drawn down the back or side of the artist rather than being messy or loose. 100% recommend.

Adam Rogers 1st Assistant Sound
Adam Rogers

Quick Tips for Covid19 Strap Care

  • Connect gripper on straps when washing.
  • 40-60ºc short wash – hang to air dry or low heat tumble dry.
  • Keep straps and accessories sterile with URSA Zipper Cases