URSA Belt Pouches with Clips

£14.00 exc. VAT

URSA Belt Pouches now come with a free removable Clip. These allow you to clip the pouch to any garment and hang it vertically or horizontally. Watch the Demo video here.

URSA Pouches are low-profile soft pouches which allow you to rig a transmitter vertically or horizontally to URSA Belts, standard belts or bras. They can also be sewn or pinned into costumes.

They can also be rigged on the inside of helmets, used as IEM pouches or just as soft protection if placing transmitters in the pocket.

Available in Four Sizes & Two Colours Black & Beige.

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More About URSA Belt Pouches

New Fabric Technology
In order to make the most comfortable low-profile Pouches we developed a brand new bonded fabric.

URSA Pouches are just 1mm thick. They provide excellent stretch, comfort & breathability with an outer surface that hook gripper can grip to at any point.

Quick Tips for Covid19 Strap Care

  • Connect gripper on straps when washing.
  • 40-60ºc short wash – hang to air dry or low heat tumble dry.
  • Keep straps and accessories sterile with URSA Zipper Cases

URSA Product Videos

URSA Belt Pouch Clip Demo

URSA Belt Pouch Demo

URSA Belt Pouch Test by RLFO Sound

Product Specifications


Lectrosonics SMQV & LT

Sennheiser SK5212

Shure ADX 1M

Wisycom MTP 40 & 41

Zaxcom TRX & ZFR 200 & 300


Audio Ltd A10, 2040

Lectrosonics LMb, UM400a, DCHT

Saramonic UWMIC9 TX9

Sennheiser G3, 2000s

Shure Axient AD1

Sony UWP-D11

(also fits SMQV, Zaxcom & Wisycom)

Pouch Size Transmitter Compatibility Size



Lectrosonics SSM

Zaxcom ZMT3 only

Q5X PlayerMic S (tight fit)


Lectrosonics SMV, PDR

Q5X PlayerMic S


Additional information


Black, Beige


Q5X XL, Mini, Small, Medium, Large