• URSA Zipper Cases

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    A Clear Zipper Case with a blue lined zipper. 

    Fit up to 8 URSA Straps in one Case. 

    Very handy for storing and organising your URSAs. 

    Seen here stored using velcro on the lid of a radio mic box. Each case stores a different size of strap. 

    Each URSA Zipper Case comes with an URSA Colour Chart Card & a fancy URSA Sticker. 

    Dimensions : 203 x 127mm (8×5″) 

  • URSA Pouch Protectors

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    The Pouch Protector provides total security for your transmitter inside the pouch. Available in Packs of 4 in Black or Beige. 

    We recommend using Pouch Protectors for:
    Gravity defying Action Sequences / Wire work / Dance / When a transmitter is rigged upside down on the body.