• URSA Plush Circles

    From £10.50 exc. VAT

    Plush Circles are a brand new 5mm length short fur LAV covers. 

    Designed to use under costumes to help disguise mics, reduce clothing noise and protect the mic from light wind. 

    25mm diameter, super soft, re-useable lav mic covers. 

  • URSA Fur Circles

    From £9.95 exc. VAT

    Fur Circles are designed to be used under clothing to reduce wind noise and clothing rustle.
    Fur Circles are cut using a unique drilling method which only cuts the base and allows allows the fur to be of an equal length around the edge of the circle. 

    Fur Circles can be compressed under tight costumes and leave less of a lump than other furs. 

  • URSA Fur Tangles

    £14.00 exc. VAT

    Cut your own applications from these 30 x 15cm Furry Rectangles of Super Soft 13mm length. 

    The rear side of the fur is also very smooth and creates very little noise 

    FurTangles provide wind protection and can help reduce clothing noise if applied between layers.

  • URSA Large Soft Circles


    Large Soft Circles are low profile wind protection for boom mics. 

    Great to use for rigging mics in cars where foam gags can dip into shot. 

    Made from the same fabric as URSA Soft Circles. 

    10.5cm Diameter Large Soft Circles can be wrapped around Boom pics and Sanken CUB01s. 

  • Sticky Circles


    Sticky Circles for reliable mic placement.

    In this pack you get 90 pre-cut 24mm diameter Sticky Circles.

    URSA Sticky Circles are 24mm in diameter, see-through and very low profile at just 0.4mm.

    The sticky tape is certified hypoallergenic so it can be used directly on skin. You can also use it on fabrics as it leaves no residue and peels off without tearing.

    Each URSA Sticky Circle has been pre-cut and has a small peel-off tab for easy & fast use. They are compatible with a variety of mic mounts including RM11s, DPA Concealers and can also be used with URSA MiniMounts.

    You get 30 of these stickies with every pack of URSA Plush, Fur or Soft Circles.

  • Very Sticky Circles


    Sticky Circles for extremely sticky situations!

    URSA Very Stickies are available in packs of 90.

    They are 24mm diameter pre-cut stickies with peel-off tabs. URSA Very Stickies are also sold with the URSA WireRig for securing this rig onto almost any surface.

    As the name suggests these stickies are incredibly sticky! Good for when you need as much stick as possible.

    Warning: Very Stickies are so strong they can damage delicate fabric. They can leave residue and are not rated hypoallergenic.

  • URSA MiniMount Stickies

    From £3.00 exc. VAT

    Our MiniMount Stickies are perfect for use with our URSA MiniMounts.

    They are hypoallergenic and safe to use against skin and also do not leave residue if used on costumes and delicate fabrics.

  • URSA Tape – Sticky Strips


    Our URSA Tape – Sticky Strips are a perfect replacement for alternatives like Topstick. They are made from the same tried and tested URSA Tape that makes our other Stickies solutions like Sticky Circles and URSA MiniMount Stickies.

    They are hypoallergenic and safe to use against skin and also do not leave residue if used on costumes and delicate fabrics.

    Available as a pack of 60 strips measuring 78mm x 22mm with easy to remove split backing.

  • URSA WireRig


    The WireRig turns any LAV Mic into a Gooseneck.

    It’s perfect for car rigs & plant mics.

    The flexible copper wire extends up to 40cm from the core.

    Use one of the 8 notches around the base to lock off the wire.

    Each WireRig comes with 20 x ’Very Stickies’to fix it down. 

  • URSA Tape

    From £7.95 exc. VAT


    Soft Strips of moleskin applied to hypoallergenic sticky tape. 

    Great for reducing clothing rustle and camouflaging microphones. 

    Available as a Pack of 30 Small Strips (8×2.5cm) in Black, White, Brown & Beige or as a Multi-Pack of 12 Small Strips which includes four strips of these colours 

  • URSA Zipper Cases


    A Clear Zipper Case with a blue lined zipper. 

    Fit up to 8 URSA Straps in one Case. 

    Very handy for storing and organising your URSAs. 

    Seen here stored using gripper on the lid of a radio mic box. Each case stores a different size of strap. 

    Each URSA Zipper Case comes with an URSA Colour Chart Card & a fancy URSA Sticker. 

    Dimensions : 203 x 127mm (8×5″) 

  • URSA Pouch Protectors

    £8.00 exc. VAT

    The Pouch Protector provides total security for your transmitter inside the pouch. Available in Packs of 4 in Black or Beige. 

    We recommend using Pouch Protectors for:
    Gravity defying Action Sequences / Wire work / Dance / When a transmitter is rigged upside down on the body.